dice soho goin' up

For Dice Soho, there’s space and then there’s Mike Dean producing your latest single.

According to Miguelito over at POW, the current iteration of Mike Dean has made it a primary focus to abscond any idea of a volume knob. “Mike Dean is the hydra of hip-hop: he creates new sub-genres by “slicing off” limiting standards.” That is as strong a compliment as one may get.

Dice Soho, the Icey Life leader and Houston upstart poised for a big 2017 has made no secret that he’s been working with Mike Dean. “Goin’ Up,” the first public offering between the two adds a pure energy supplement in the form of Slim Jxmmi from Rae Sremmurd. Instead of pushing the track to completely break through the Earth’s barrier, Dean keeps it right on the edge. Gothic synths circle around a whirling keyboard and some punchy drums and all Dice SoHo can do is celebrate as if he just won a championship. “Girls kissing girls, shit look so gorgeous,” Jxmmi boasts here before offering a quick class switch. “The n*gga look so country, still rock Ralph Lauren.”

The whole reason behind Slim & Dice connecting here? A mutual respect for a gang of women in one setting. You don’t need broke people around when you want to have fun. Though, according to Dice Soho you need women who can handle their liquor. And Mike Dean to handle the soundtrack.

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