Dropping the Grandior and going back to his original name, Free laces up a futuristic banger with Yves & Prince Cannon.

Four years ago, Free of The Niceguys titled a mix of his “Grandior”. The feel of the name stuck so much that two years later, he let us premiere his debut single “Thanking You” with Susannah Winspear. After establishing a residency in Los Angeles, Free has dropped the Grandior all together. Why? Who knows. Let’s just say the first name (although it isn’t SEO friendly) is far easier to remember than the next one.

“Wavelength” is Free’s re-introduction, sort of. Creating a bouncy, futuristic R&B cut, the producer links with a longstanding friend in Yves and Prince Cannon, an R&B artist who may feel like Hayley’s Comet given how sporadic his releases are, regardless of how great they may be. It feels like home, vibrating electronic notes combined with Yves’ permanent Queens, New York drawl. “The real gonna last,” Yves assures his lady. Prince Cannon jumps in, “We want the same thing / I’m just trying to get on your wavelength.”

Stream “Wavelength” from the trio below. Free’s mixes, always engineered to put you in a particular mood are available on Soundcloud.