dustin-prestige perfecto

Pedro Freo aka Dustin-Prestige shares the first track from his upcoming DoPe.

Listen to enough episodes of the Virtual Reality Caravan podcast and you’ll hear Dustin-Prestige chime in. The Missouri City product with the unmistakable baritone and laid back demeanor hasn’t released a solo single in a number of years. By our archives, that would be 2014’s “dopecoming” produced by Chris Rockaway. He hasn’t necessarily left though.

Dustin-Prestige’s voice will be around as long as T.H.E.M is around and available. Long gone from his “Catalina Wine Mixer” days, “Perfecto” offers up new Presto for those anticipating his DoPe tape. With opening piano keys and bass feeling like MacGregor Park on Sundays, Prestige is rubbing his hands in anticipation. “I’m all about my money homes / The only n*gga at the table with the Cubans, swear to God I’m Bomani Jones,” Prestige raps on “Perfecto”. The jazzy horn closure is only foretelling of the future. Dustin-Prestige has been cooking up something for years, just waiting for the right moment to pitch it to the public.

Hear “Perfecto” from Dustin-Prestige below. DoPe is coming soon.