dj phife

DJ Phife has found his way to book a set all over the world. Now the Wings’ Day DJ sketches out the next move.

Spend a Wednesday night at Gators and you’ll hear the silent maestro. It could be Sunday night at Quill. It could be any major event in Dallas and somehow, DJ Phife will find his hands involved. Having kickstarted his career by virtue of pure curiosity at Austin’s Huston-Tillotson, Phife (not to be confused with the late, great Phife Dawg) has spent the last eight years maneuvering. Sought after. One of those desired tastemakers that actually live up to the potentially annoying platitudes.

In an interview with the Good Culture Podcast, Phife summed it all up by keeping his ear to research and figuring out the markets. There is a catch to it though. “Houston … I’m not popping in Houston,” he admitted to the GC+ crew. “I have no juice in Houston. I catch a few gigs but I’m not popping like I want to be. And Atlanta.”

It has nothing to do with Phife himself or any behind the scenes issues. Houston is the hardest Texas city to break because it is considered by many to be the epicenter. Where established DJs are already weary of outsiders encroaching. Doesn’t matter if you may be one of the hottest DJs from Dallas. Unless you planted your flag like Hi-C or Mr. Rogers, you’ve got plenty of work to do in order to appeal to Houston ears.

“Turn It” features SUPA & Lil Ronny Motha F

It hasn’t exactly deterred the Dallas product though. He has a home on Wednesday nights, the popular Wings Day and that won’t change. He could laugh off the Fire Department interrupting Trappiest Hour but know that same crowd would make Sunday nights an appointment to go out and enjoy his mixes. But just being a DJ in 2017 isn’t about spinning records. For Phife, as he watched DJ Khaled & Drama, the next logical step are playlsits and ultimately mixtapes.

“This is my platform to do what I want to do,” Phife says. “I left Dallas to get popping in Austin and D.C. You got to tour and then come back home. If you have a map of success, it’s gotta be in there. If you don’t have a map, then you get frustrated.”

At the moment, Phife isn’t frustrated. He’s currently in Mexico City, pressing harder and harder on his passport until the ink runs dry. His “Turn It” single with SUPA & Lil Ronny Motha F brings the world back to “Throw Dat Ass In A Circle” and more. A catchy, repetitive chorus and enough bass to make you consider taking it back to the boogie days. That’s the small move for Phife. The next? It cometh.

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