coline creuzot high life

Coline Creuzot dabbles on the good side of love for her latest single.

Coline Creuzot has made her mark crafting records surrounding loss or heartbreak. Delivering a bit of bite and edge in regards to a much needed breakup, Creuzot has often professed that writing these kinds of love songs may have benefitted a fan more than herself. That template changes up with “High Life”. Taken from her upcoming Timeless EP, the Houston native is not only enamored with the thought of another, she’s joyous and even carnal about it.

“High Life shows a different side of me,” she said in a press release. “I always write or co-write on my songs which mostly talk about relationships and heartbreak, so ‘High Life’ was a good change of pace and added some balance to the EP.”

Written by Dallas Blocker, “High Life” finds inspiration from Rolls Royce’s 1977 disco smash, “Ooh Boy I Love You So”. Interpolating it into the hook, Creuzot makes it plain as day that when she’s with her man, there’s a certain level nobody can reach them at. Hear the vibrant, mid-tempo new single from Creuzot below. Timeless has yet to be given a release date.

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