9th Sage’s t r u s t t h e p r o c e s s playlist was made with “soul cleansing” in mind.

9th Sage, like many other Houston creatives, took his talents to the West Coast for a moment to find himself when home didn’t feel much like a home. A person who loves to bring folks together while also sort of existing all to himself, the man governmentally known as Eddy Skinner does many things. He’s a skilled photographer. He’s a mix maker who looks for slept-on artists. But most of all, he’s a good vibe curator. 9th prides himself on blending wisdom (hence, the “sage” part of his moniker) and positivity to bring out the best in others, often using his social media as a means to let folks know they’re not alone in feeling a certain way.

t r u s t t h e p r o c e s s, the latest collection of songs from 9th Sage, is meant to communicate a feeling as much as it does good music. “Music helps me express myself in different times of my life, and lately I’ve been feeling a sense of peace and calmness,” 9th said of the mix. “I feel good about what’s to come, whatever it may be… I’ve learned to enjoy the now and be better for me, so I can be better in other areas of my life.”

It’s a nearly 27-minute exercise in cool, laid-back sounds that encompass everything from having something to prove to having something to lose, right down to its use of Drake’s “Going In for Life” as its final song. Other artists on the mix include MNDSGN, Sam Wills, Smino, Anderson.Paak, and more. Even if you don’t trust the process itself, you can certainly trust 9th Sage’s playlist to clear your head of any chaos or doubt, if only for a single Saturday afternoon.

Stream 9th Sage’s t r u s t t h e p r o c e s s mix for yourself down below. And be sure to follow 9th on Twitter and Instagram for more of his good vibes in the form of music and photography.