Houston singer OhLordRoe finds her comfort zone outside of the box on the short but sexy Liberation EP.

OhLordRoe is embracing the fact that her voice is sensual. She can’t help it if she seduces without even trying to. Or maybe she IS trying to, and every listener is far too weak to resist her charms.

The Liberation EP, the follow-up to the Houston songbird’s self-titled project from last year, was all about OhLordRoe being less apologetic and owning every inch of her being. On Wednesday, the singer shared what appears to be Liberation in full, by way of two new tracks and an intro. Previous single “Creep (Love You Long Time)” shockingly didn’t make Liberation’s final cut.

When OhLordRoe all but moans “come inside me” on Liberation’s intro, it serves a double meaning. Yes, there’s the obvious sexual connotation (as if the EP’s artwork, which you can view here uncensored, doesn’t drive that home on its own). But it’s also an invitation into the vulnerable space that the singer finds herself in on Liberation. “Breath In” lurks along as a literal breathing exercise, on which Roe insists “Get lost in me,” before tip-toeing its way into a slow burn for its final twenty seconds. “Let It Flow” picks up the pace with its soft drums, steady synths, and a steadier snare, but maintains a sensual tone, as OhLordRoe’s vocals float over the beat for just under two minutes.

At only five minutes long, however, Liberation feels like a tease. Or foreplay, even, in keeping with the project’s seductive theme. It’s just long enough to get listeners going, and stops right before one can send that “u up?” text. One thing’s for sure: OhLordRoe knows what she’s doing… and she’s damn good at it.

Stream OhLordRoe’s Liberation EP for yourself down below.