trae tha truth changed on me

Trae Tha Truth likes things straight-forward on his latest ‘Tha Truth 3’ single.

Un-effin-believable, Trae Tha Truth’s the President. In the space between Tha Truth 2, his joint mixtape with Sacramento hard-hitter Mozzy and now, Trae’s been elevated to a position of power. Not of the streets or the ghetto but the ABN leader now has a newly minted title of Grand Hustle President. Does it mean Trae’s going to be in a boardroom in a suit and tie, shuffling papers and decisions? No, it means he’s going to stunt harder than ever from thousand dollar frames to Porsche 911s that look like twins.

“Changed On Me” packs a hell of a hypnotic punch. Money Man comes in with a slithering verse and opens up about putting the weed in a specific place, shouting out Garcia Vega in the process. “Don’t think twice, we go for what we know,” Trae admits on “Changed On Me” and its the easiest to interpret metaphor for his entire career. Trae has navigated these areas for the better part of two decades; murky production and his gravel voice and flow kicking you in the chest like shotgun buck. What he knows that in the midst of all of his newfound success, there’s still a very real and understood paranoia.

There is no such thing as luck for Trae Tha Truth, just 100 mile-an-hour raps with barely anytime to register looking back. He can still talk tougher than plenty and his eye for detail, down to the most insignificant of specks is one of his biggest storytelling strengths. Purchase “Changed On Me” on iTunes. Tha Truth 3 is coming soon.

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