t2 ghetto hippie double cups & taco trucks

Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered SXSW Preview Podcast.

Houston’s self-professed Ghetto Hippie has already put himself in SXSW mode. Gone are the days of drunkenly mulling around Sixth Street and running into your favorite artists. We’ve long seen the era of ducked off shows with a bevy of great artists hit our rearview. T2 on the other hand, he’s an artist and he still believes. Whether it be with laid out on the grass with wide-eyed optimism or daydreaming about the perfect taco truck, T2 The Ghetto Hippie still has a soft spot for the Austin open box festival.

“Double Cups & Taco Trucks” still serves as the title track to his upcoming project. The sleepy, down right drowsy mix from Trakksounds & T2 got a bit of a boost this week. All Songs Considered, NPR’s main music podcast picked up the record as part of its SXSW preview. Now a whole group of people who were once foreign to T2 and vice versa now get to waltz as a big background vocals take something so exquisitely Houston and elevate it to near gospel. Stream it below.