H-Town to Cali rapper Stockz redefines the phrase “Get It How U Live” on his latest single.

“Baby, you must not know who you f*ckin’ with…”

Stockz went to California and found himself, but the Houston within him has never really left. The man who started 2017 by essentially charging cover for coattail riders on “10” scales down the braggadocios and gets real on his latest single, “Get It How U Live.”

With Bruce Bang on the beat, “Get It How U Live” instrumentally sounds old school, clearly inspired by ’90s West Coast G-Funk. But it also depicts Stockz as his most observant and earnest. Its hook is deceptively simple (“can’t say you will or won’t get it if you never try,” Stockz chants) yet drills itself into the listener’s brain and sticks. And over the course of two and half minutes, Stockz cites being overlooked but unfazed (“I always had game but they ain’t wanna pass Controllas”), making it a personal mission to look out for family as much as he does himself, and accepting that his greatest weapon at the moment is his focus and drive. So when Stockz says, “I don’t want it if it’s not mine,” the point speaks for itself.

Stream Stockz’s “Get It How U Live” single, produced by Bruce Bang, for yourself down below.

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