For Seano Phresh, “Pray Live And Yearn Success” isn’t just a mantra; it’s a reminder to go after what you want.

Seano Phresh’s name is far from new to this site, but the Mo. City emcee has come quite a way from celebrating his graduation from Texas Southern University. He’s spent the time since rebuilding, refocusing, and improving his craft.

Now aligned with local outfit Picture My Vision Entertainment out of Mo. City, Seano Phresh is back with a new project,P.L.A.Y.S.: The EP. Though its run time is under ten minutes and it’s only four tracks in length, P.L.A.Y.S. presents the audio evidence of Seano Phresh’s evolution. Production on P.L.A.Y.S. comes from the likes of Chulo Flame, Cut Da Check Productions (on the EP’s standout cut “Winner”), and Atom Bomb of Undergravity, though there are no features on the project at all.

That allows Phresh to shine solo. He comes out the gate swinging on the intro cut “Already,” which contains such wise lines as “Everything I do is done with precision, n*gga/ You ain’t a man if you ain’t makin’ no decisions, n*gga.” “Winner” and “Can’t Get Enough” both coast along with call-and-response hooks that are surprisingly catchy. And the Chulo Flame-produced “Get You Some Business” serves as a clever double entendre, with Seano both encouraging others to get theirs eyes off him and focus instead on all the “money [that’s] here for the making.”

P.L.A.Y.S. stands for for “Pray Live And Yearn Success”; and in four tracks, Seano Phresh outlines the lessons he’s learned and the precision required to truly go after what you want. In the process, he might well have reminded listeners that a Mo. City emcee ain’t nothing to play with. Stream Seano Phresh’s P.L.A.Y.S.: The EP for yourself down below.