Rayana Jay’s “Everything” single is for everyone who’s ever had the right person at the wrong time.

2016 was arguably the best year for R&B in a while. Big names returned, long-awaited debuts touched down, and many others with potential to go places emerged from out of the woodworks.

Richmond, California songstress Rayana Jay falls in the latter category. In October, The Fader premiered her Sorry About Last Night EP, a seven-track R&B soap opera about the highest highs and lowest lows of love. Rayana’s voice was astonishing: it grabbed attention and ears immediately, whether it was all but pleading for someone to be her “bad decision” or dipping into ’90s R&B and rap collab sounds on “Sleepy Brown.”

For her first drop of 2017, Rayana Jay tackles love once more, but from the perspective of an indecisive, impulsive and slightly-jaded millenial. The end result? An hypnotizing act wrapped up in a song called “Everything.”

The three-minute long cut is propelled forward by Gabriel Lambirth on the board, whose masterful production marries frantic strings, snares, and a riding beat for an instrumental that mimics the merry-go-round that love can be. As for “Everything” itself? It’s Rayana Jay knowing she’s got a good man but also knowing in one way or another she’s not ready for what comes with that. Ignoring calls? Feeling too lazy to fight for it? Still wanting to be friends because of how good the person’s been to you? Rayana employs these tricks and others, as well. But at least she’s honest: “You’re everything, you’re everything I need,” Rayana sings, “but I don’t want that right now.”

Stream Rayana Jay’s “Everything” track for yourself down below. In case you need to catch up, Sorry About Last Night is out now on iTunes.

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