marian hill down

Marian Hill, the duo behind popular track from Apple’s AirPods commercial now give their “Down” track an official video.

The common thought about Marian Hill and their “Down” track is that Marian Hill is a woman. In actuality, they’re a duo (Jeremy Lloyd & Samantha Gongol). Their “Down” record however has achieved the same sort of fame that Feist’s “1234” did a decade ago, that one song you hear on TV all the time that you can’t name the lead artist. It’s helped propel “Down” to the top of the Shazam charts. Now, most “Down” fans will readily admit that they thought Apple’s AirPods ad was the best kind of video. There was freestyle dancer Lil’ Buck Memphis Jookin’ through the streets of Mexico City; the visual is already sticking to your mind as we speak, isn’t it?

Strike while the iron is hot. Watch Marian Hill’s official video for their viral hit below. The duo will be touring for most of 2017, donating $1 of every ticket sale to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU or the NRDC.

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