devin the dude acoustic levitation cover

‘Acoustic Levitation’, album number nine from The Dude breaks out the guitar and then some.

“Please don’t blow my buzz,” Devin the Dude begs on “We High Right Now”. It’s the fourth track of a long night in the mind of Devin Copeland. The world of Acoustic Levitation not only starts off with a couple of steps into loverman territory, it continues the long standard battle of Devin The Dude vs. Transportation. He even combines the two on “Are You Goin’ My Way” where he’ll even act as an Uber driver for a lady he finds so fine. The only contention to it? She’s worked 12 hours, has four kids and a ton of errands to run before Devin can get some alone time. Devin jests, “I gotta stop doing this shit.”

In a microwaveable era where there are more acts that get loved then nuked within 30 seconds, Devin the Dude has maintained. We’re more than two decades past The Odd Squad, almost twenty since he guested on Dr. Dre’s “F*ck You” from 1999’s 2001. This is a man who sung the blues with such a gusto and bravado that you ignored that he wasn’t traditional. In terms of weed rappers, Devin is Al Green. He’s not the most straight-up singer but when duty calls, he’ll give you something poetic and memorable.

“The Al Green of Weed Rappers” – Devin The Dude

Acoustic Levitation carries that identity for all of its fourteen tracks. There’s the Kokaine feel of “I’m In the Galaxy” with its twisted, elongated guitars. The Dude picks up that Spanish accent from Landing Gear‘s “El Grande Nargas” and makes it readily Jamaican for “Tonight”, same sexual sentiment applies. And in the case of Devin the Dude, sex is a ready conclusion for his high escapades. Especially as “Tonight” implies – being short on your check needs a bit of relief.

Guitars & the blues are two Devin mainstays. Same for a big bag of weed and the kind of easy storytelling that make him the perfect narrator for Houston’s levity. Stream Acoustic Levitation from Devin below via Apple Music.