Nicki Minaj shares three brand new tracks, including a Young Money familia reunion – and slight Remy jab-back – with Drake and Lil’ Wayne on “No Frauds.”

Is this… is this… why, yes, yes, it is. New Nicki Minaj music!

The self-anointed Barb has been sort of silent – save calling out Trey Songz not defending her honor on Twitter – in the days since a little track called “shETHER” landed on the Internets. Instead of responding to Remy Ma’s seven minute skewering, Nicki seemed to duck (a smart move)… a move that apparently annoyed Remy Ma to the point where the emcee felt a need to drop another diss track (that’s, yes, literally named “Another One” and ¬†samples Drake’s “Back to Back” but misses a chance to feature¬†DJ Khaled).

But on Thursday night, Nicki Minaj dropped not one, but three new songs – one of which includes Nicki linking up with Drake and Lil’ Wayne on the aptly-titled “No Frauds.” The single marks the first collab for the three since 2014’s “Truffle Butter.”

“No Frauds” marks the first “fire back,” if you will, from Minaj: Nicki calls out the dud that “Another One” was, takes a few personal jabs (“what type of mother leaves her only son for a stack”), and even blasts the people on the fence (“Pick a side! Pick a side!” she snaps on the hook). Drake’s appearance is nice, as is Weezy’s, but you know why we’re here. It doesn’t make up for “shETHER,” but it does help Nicki put points on the board.

Hear Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” track, featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, down below, as well as the other two tracks – “Regret In Your Tears” (whose artwork might look a little familiar and on which Nicki goes half-dancehall, half-Pop Star Barb), and “Changed It” (on which Onika Maraj likens herself to Jordan in Game 6 – for yourself down below, by way of Apple Music.