mick jenkins pressed for time cover

An old collaboration between Mick Jenkins & GoldLink resurfaces for “Pressed For Time”.

“You had crossed my mind, wait holla at me Jill!” Mick Jenkins says on “Pressed For Time”. A year after his proper debut album The Healing Component was released, the Chicago native reveals he’s got two projects in the works for 2017. “Pressed For Time” is a playful, sticky-sweet collaboration with GoldLink that wasn’t recorded for either of Jenkins’ upcoming two projects. In Mick’s words, it’s some “dope shit we did a while back.”

Judging by the come-ons and woo Jenkins pitches here, he’s meticulous. In fact, Mick Jenkins wants to ride in a spaceship that is as slow as molasses with his lady. Monte Booker and THEMpeople add to the layers of “Pressed For Time” with a thick, jittery and snap worthy set of instrumentation. Get the butterflies in your belly, press play and wonder about the women (or men) that stay on your mind.