M.A.C. of UnderGravity tells the story of a persistent stalker in his “Wishin'” music video.

I don’t got time for no b*tches/ I’m only tryna multiply digits…”

Sometimes fame brings unwanted people in your life. For M.A.C. of Houston rap duo Undergravity, it just so happens that he’s got a stalker on his hands.

At least, that’s the story M.A.C. tells on his freestyle over Chris Brown and DJ Drama’s “Wishin'” cut, off Undergravity’s recently released Bars From Mars/Bombs Over Boulevards mixtape. “Wishin’,” one of the standouts from M.A.C.’s side of the tape, features the rapper singing and sharing a tale of a persistent woman who won’t leave him alone. While M.A.C.’s storytelling is vivid enough on its own, he opted to bring the tale further to life by giving his “Wishin'” freestyle a music video to match.

With iRise Filmz behind the lens, the “Wishin'” freestyle visuals depict M.A.C. reporting live from a staircase while his partner in bars, Atom Bomb, lives out the stalker story. Atom’s time with his girl is nearly interrupted when another lovely young lady – and a clear fan of Undergravity, if the many copies of Space Age Funk Vol. 1 spread out on her bed are any indication – starts blowing up his phone. Atom handles the situation well, as does the girl with him, but the fan doesn’t truly get the point until M.A.C. and his girl send her a final message, literally and figuratively.

Watch M.A.C. of Undergravity’s music video for their “Wishin'” freestyle up top. Undergravity’s Bars From Mars/Bombs Over Boulevards, on which the freestyle appears, is out now and can be copped for free on the duo’s Bandcamp page.