Dallas’ G.U.N. and Atlanta’s OG Maco drop off turn-up tunage just in time for Spring Break with their 2Face collab EP.

G.U.N. didn’t want his fans to be stuck without sounds to enjoy their Spring Break with. The rapper-singer out of Dallas has adeptly sidestepped one-hit-wonder status following his “Johnny Cage” single blowing up two years ago, releasing new music consistently and never showing any signs of slowing down.

G.U.N.’s latest project, the 2 Face EP, comes on the heels of his Gundotwill EP last month, and features the rapper joining forces with Atlanta emcee, OG Maco. Four songs deep, 2Face’s bear production from frequent G.U.N. collaborators Cardo Got Wings (on the solid intro “Li^e B^ Da^”) and Freeband Hunter, as well as Texas Boy and GT Musick. The EP’s sole feature? Larry June on “Mind Ya Business Pt. 2,” an OG Maco and G.U.N. collab from 2016 that gets a chance to reach new fans as 2Face’s final track.

2Face stays true to both G.U.N. and Maco’s styles by using trap sounds to set the mood. The anthemic “We Still Up,” a four-minute knock that was obviously made with the turn-up in mind, has potential to be both artists’ next big single if they play their cards right. And “Perfection,” carried forward by G.U.N.’s “countdown” of sorts on the hook, is another solid track off the EP. If anything, 2Face ends just before listeners can really get in the mood. That’s the curse of an EP – it can either be too short, a little too long, or just long enough. 2Face might stop just when you’re mid-turn-up, but any of its tracks could easily, easily end up on replay.

Stream G.U.N. Music and OG Maco’s 2Face EP for yourself down below.