lil rarri no opps cover

Lil Rarri aka WhyJae daydreams about women and his own self-worth.

The most impact WhyJae has seen after he flipped not only names but creative formats as Lil Rarri is the reception to “Dion Waiters”. Five months after the Lil Rarri EP, he readily admits that the switch has gotten him new fans, some money and even more dreams. On “No Opps,” a melodic, piano guided cut does the former WhyJae profess this. Change has benefited him to the point where combining his heady, bop-and-weave rap style with catchy non sequiturs has yielded profit. He snidely raps about catching money & women but offers up a bit of a confident reprieve. “Everything I do it first, all of these n*ggas gon’ follow.”

Hear “No Opps” below. As a bonus, check out the video for “New 30” where director Roger Torbai follows our subject through a loft set up and more. There are KAWS figures, rooftop shops and then some.

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