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A year after Doeman’s ‘Outer Body Experience’, he shares the video for “No Limit ’91”.

Doeman spent most of last Spring’s O.B.E. on a crusade of self-prophecy. He has star written all over him and in every video from the project, he’s never been alone. “American Me” put on for the Southeast and its strong Latino pride. “The Genocide” centered everything on propaganda like news reels and animated clips.

“No Limit ’91”, the third video form the O.B.E series is a mixture of the first two. Religion, crosses, Roman-Catholic priests and more play a vital role in Doeman’s dalliance with the world. There’s romanticizing who he is as a rapper though. At times he’ll navigate through a fast-forward style that packs fifteen words through a two sentence tunnel. Other times he’ll stomp around with heavy punches like body blows to the liver. “No Limit ’91” carries both styles into one massive undertaking. Corner stores, throwback jerseys highlighting the Shaq & Penny era Orlando Magic and cartoonish Rockets and more.

“My mind is old, my body’s young, look up to the sky my heart is pure, my mind’s corrupted…” he remarks around the bridge of “No Limit ’91”. All of the gold grill and gold chain posturing may not be like Percy & the New Orleans tank but it’s enough for DYNA and company.

Watch “No Limit ’91” below. Doeman will be spending most of March trading bars at SXSW in Austin next week.

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