terrence spectacle lone dirt road cover

Almost two years post “Night Owl”, Terrence Spectacle keeps moving forward.

I can remember the exact moment when I bought into Terrence Spectacle making music his way. Two years ago as I sat in someone’s driveway, we spoke on the phone. It was ahead of his
“Night Owl” single release and he admitted that regardless of a job, he was in it to create music, period. After the modest success of the single, Spectacle retracted into the background. He didn’t bring up new material, or the spacious ideas that damn near ran unopposed on his NuDallas compilation. Instead, he locked himself away attempting to figure things out, tinkering and adjusting before he felt the time was right.

Spectacle’s love for guitars, most notably these esoteric notes that lead you all over the place have played heavily into his music. They were the initial murmurs that gave way to “Night Owl” two years ago. They are the same twitchy, romanticized sweeps that lead us to “Lone Dirt Road” single, out now. “Go I’ma go until I can’t no more,” he repeats along the driving melody, his voice far more confident than it was a couple years ago. “Say that you’ll wait for me.”

As Spectacle continues the transition from working artist to handsomely paid one, he’ll continue to rep Dallas as only he can. One swinging braid amongst a bushel of hair at a time. Stream “Lone Dirt Road” from Terrence Spectacle below.

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