rob viktum presidential bubble goose

Rob Viktum continues to ‘Shoot The Messenger’ with his latest video.

The awkward thing about Rob Viktum is his production, these blaxploitated instrumentals of funky guitar loops and sinister strings is that you’d never consider him from Dallas even though he is Dallas through and through. His Shoot The Messenger album is filled with these bite-down, grab a snub nose East Coast style raps along his beats. Last month he revealed “Shoot The Messenger” with Detroit’s Guilty Simpson, M.O.P’s Lil’ Fame & Jersey’s Skrewtape. The thematics carry over on “Presidential Bubble Goose”. As the animated video lives up to the raps displayed, it’s Awar’s steel toed raps juxtaposed against Buffalo’s own Conway for one glorious, give a damn pairing. It’s the latest record for Conway after his high profile Hall N’ Nash “MachineGun Black” collaboration with Westside Gunn announced that the duo had signed to Shady Records.

Watch Rob Viktum’s “Presidential Bubble Goose” video below. Shoot The Messenger is available now on iTunes.

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