kissedkilled kinda cover

The Dallas talent returns with a 30-minute odyssey.

Last February, Dallas’ KissedKilled decided to dream about warm weather and beautiful women with “Come Home With Me”. The stray shot of a single was the first of many moments in which KissedKilled helped carry the IRAS banner. He appeared on Devy Stonez’ “Slow It Down” and kept plenty of fans enchanted with his post-midnight style, fluttering vocals.

Playing guest on a Devy Stonez album isn’t KissedKilled’s limit though. It’s definitely not his ceiling either. Powered by booming drums and a solid cache of come ons and playful vocals, the Dallas native shares his Kinda EP. The project features 10-tracks all aimed towards having fun, flirting, bedding and contemplating the future with a lover. Delicate, soothing and hypnotizing, KissedKilled offers up a world where he’s the show, the hotel and the afterparty.

There are heady admissions of how women are KissedKilled’s weakness, even forcing him to curse on “Chance”. He dreams of isolation with his lady, of raunchy sex and crafting a world that matches his persona. “Where did the chemistry go? Is you missing me, not a mystery, why act like you don’t know?” he asks on “My Side”. What Kinda shows is that our protagonist isn’t afraid to commit, nor is he afraid to admit when he’s utterly smitten by a woman.

Listen to Kinda in full below.