6LACK free video

6LACK paints a hell of a picture for his brand new, ‘Free 6LACK’ video, “Free”.

“Freedom” according to 6LACK adheres to no longer dealing with the tresses of the past. That mindsets and ideals that had spoiled and gone unhealthy needed to be cut away. It’s been a ride for the Zone 6 native who saw his Free 6LACK debut not only find its way on thousands of Snaps but pushed through the aux cords of many a ride in 2016. To wit, he releases his third video from the project, “Free”. Unlike “PRBLMS” or “Ex Calling,” the video is shot entirely in color.

Just as woozy and intoxicating as the majority of the production on the album, the “Free” video puts the former battle rapper squarely in the center of his world. The metaphor of predator meets prey begins to emerge around the midpoint, forcing the “PRBLMS” creator to figure his way out. Once he’s made his way through the flames, another issue arises. It’s a head trip, albeit a rather fascinating one.

Watch the “Free” video below. Catch 6LACK as he makes his first two Texas stops on May 5 and 6 as part of Scoremore’s JMBLYA festival.