Stream Jay-Von’s much-awaited Fuck A Title EP.

It may have taken a minute to arrive but Jay-Von’s long-awaited F*ck A Title EP has finally seen the light of day. The oft-delayed project has been in development for the Mo. City emcee for at least the last two years, but Von remained focused throughout. Along the way, he released the F*ck A Freestyle and F*ck U II mixtapes to remain sharp.

If every project from Jay-Von up until now has been about showing off his creativity and ability to flow, then the F*ck A Title EP’s seven tracks demonstrate Vonzilla’s strengths while also showcasing that he can tackle any subject or situation. On the production front, F*ck A Title is powered by $am Dino, Relli, Top Dawg, Ken, I. Trez, New Dersey Beats, and more. Features wise, Bobby Earth, Bee Honey, and Courtney Bonds (in a breakout appearance alongside Von on the nine-minute outro “Hear My Voice/Be Heard”) appear amongst the EP’s seven-tracks.

Vonzilla seems to work his way down from the intense tracks into the more laid-back ones on F*ck A Title, coming out the gate swinging with the one-two punch of “John Starks” and the unapologetically disrespectful but irresistibly catchy “You A B*tch,” which calls out bad behavior and worse home training (“come into your momma house, starting all that bullsh*t”) and on which Jay-Von absolutely demolishes the second verse. “Cop Killer” and “Dollar Bill” pay homage to Ice-T and the Wu-Tang Clan, displaying how Von’s a rap fan at heart; but on the former, he gets deep and conscious, sneering against racial profiling and police brutality (“what happens in Missouri, happens in Missouri City,” the emcee raps, making an obvious reference to Ferguson). Vonzilla even puts fronting as a lifestyle on blast on “Typical,” which bears simply stirring vocals from Bee Honey. And yet, this is just the EP: word on the street is Jay-Von has a F*ck A Title LP due out later this year.

For now, you can stream Jay-Von’s F*ck A Title EP down below, by way of Audiomack. The EP touches down on all major streaming platforms next Friday.