The 89 MILES Music & Art Social offers something new to Houston’s social scene with a refreshing twist on merging music and art.

The great thing about Houston, is that there’s always something to do here. The city’s becoming more and more of a hub for creatives, even as its ties to music and art are consistently expanding.

But for Terry Bembry, the city of Houston was still missing something. For all its local acts and museums and exhibitions of artistry, Terry felt it still wasn’t being done justice.

“The hip-hop culture in Houston needs a culture shift,” Bembry told Day & A Dream, “and I wanted to do my part to help shift the culture.”

The 89 MILES (“Music is Life Expressed in Sound”) Music & Art Social, coming in April, is Bembry’s way of doing just that. “I feel like music the way people can express themselves when words can’t sometimes. And people just don’t know that there’s a LOT of really good music out there,” Bembry said, “music that doesn’t get respected by the radio. I wanted to put people on to what they’ve been missing.”

Bembry’s goal is to offer a “nice chill atmosphere” where good music fills the air, art will be on display from local curators, and there’s even a graffiti show. Of course, an event like this requires refreshments, and Bembry promises not only crawfish and wings but an open bar, as well. It’s culture, good people, and good food, for a very reasonable price.

The 89 MILES Music & Art Social goes down Saturday, April 15, 2017, at Sharespace, 2201 Preston St, from 12 to 5 PM. Tickets to the event can be currently be purchased here.