“I guess you know now who the head b*tch is… I bet you wish that you had never said sh*t…”

Why does it feel like we’ve seen this movie before?

Two summers ago, after being called out by Meek Mill on Twitter, a certain rapper named Drake took to the booth to set the record straight. He dropped a Meek diss in the form of “Charged Up” first, which got by mostly on the strength of making the battery emoji the perfect social media troll tool. Drake “waited three days” for a response, then proceeded to set free “Back to Back,” a far catchier, far more clever Meek diss that strong enough on its own to become a full-fledged single AND get club and radio play.

Fast forward to 2017, when Nicki Minaj’s subliminal shots at Remy Ma on a recent track with Gucci Mane, woke up the beast within Remy that had been lurking just beneath the surface for months. This past Saturday, Remy pulled no punches on “shETHER,” a seven-minute slaughter of Onika Maraj that was so layered, our own editor-in-chief had to break down its levels of disrespect using bulletpoints. It’s been five days since, and Nicki’s only responses thus far seem to have been a few stray Instagram posts and a Twitter spat with Trey Songz. But no actual response track has surfaced. Maybe that was smart strategy for the Young Money emcee – stay down and lay low and hope to ride it out.

On Thursday night, however, Remy Ma got tired of waiting. She gave Funkmaster Flex the greenlight to premiere “Another One,” her second diss for Nicki in a week’s time.

Where “shETHER’s” cover art depicted a dismembered Barbie doll, “Another One’s” has an illustrated Nicki in a chalk outline. Not nearly as long as its predecessor, Remy must have felt three minutes was all the additional time she needed to further stick it to Nicki. But “Another One” lacks the fire of “shETHER,” relying on a catchy chorus and corny punchlines (like a “cash me outside, how bout dah” reference); and perhaps using the “Back to Back” instrumental hurt more than it helped. We were all rooting for Nicki to not take the bait, but at this point… she might HAVE to say something. Anything. Otherwise, she just might do what Issa Rae predicted and “Meek this up,” after all. What do you think – is this another win for Remy, or has she left the door open for Nicki to make a comeback?

Stream Remy Ma’s “Another One” track for yourself down below.