fxxxxy flawed up shawty cover

Hazy, murky atmospherics cloud FXXXXY’s world on latest EP.

To call FXXXXY’s Flawed Up Shawty EP brand new is a bit disingenuous. The smoldering, vapid remains from last year’s Cartel Shawty EP remain; they live at the back end of Flawed Up Shawty. Which means rather simply that if you find yourself swallowed up by the growing pop atmosphere created by the first half of Flawed Up Shawty, you have little choice to work your way out.

This, is a good thing if you’re FXXXXY. Last year, the Dallas native began creating this meddlesome yet intoxicating buzz with Cartel Shawty and watched it spread. Just last week his croaky, almost endearing brand of nihilistic R&B made its way to the ears of Beats 1’s Zane Lowe. In turn, the venerable British jock premiered “Beep Beep”, a track that manages not to grab Missy Elliott’s vibrance from “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and instead moves with heavy drums colliding against spritely chimes and more. “That’s my bitch yeah, ain’t my ex yeah, on to the next yeah …” FXXXXY sings with a buoyant joy.

Though Missy doesn’t find her vocals woven into the narrative of Flawed Up Shawty, Cardi B does. The Bronx’s Dominican sage finds one of her viral clips spliced into “Issues” and FXXXXY commands it with a bit of relish and fun. “I need to really get over / I need to give myself closure, I need to spaz on some homies…” There’s a weird, yet believable marriage between pop ideas and a murky, underground ethos. Whether or not he’s juggling fame and processing it as if he were an actual victim remains to be seen. But the concept of Flawed Up Shawty, according to a conversation with Pigeons & Planes reveals something close.

“It’s a lot more aggressive and less caring—letting the listener hear my flaws and things that’s not attractive.” – FXXXXY

“Flawed Up Shawty is me trying to stay sane and avoid the darkness that this type of recognition swallows people in,” FXXXXY told them. “It’s me trying to cope with losing a relationship with somebody that held me down for so long and shooting shots at everybody who’s been sneak dissing as if we don’t see them. It’s a lot more aggressive and less caring—letting the listener hear my flaws and things that’s not attractive. ‘Flawed up’ is slang for having this strong confidence even though you’re not beautiful to the world or maybe looked at as not valuable. It’s a reaction to whatever situation you find yourself in. It’s making ugly beautiful because you have no choice.”

No big co-sign, no tantamount artist within the region championing the movement. It seems like the perfect moment to continue exploring and perfecting the sound. Trap wants to exist within the light these days. Maybe FXXXXY can bring it out and keep it there.

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