mel of the outfit tx phone line

Mel of The Outfit, TX, one of Dallas’ more interesting voices swings loud yet again.

The Outfit, TX love insane subwoofers. The kind of subwoofers that immediately make your face stretch in awe when you first view them. The kind of subs that blow your chest open upon the moment play is pressed. Mel & Dorian of The Outfit, TX angle for this way of life because it’s Southern, it’s fried and it’s damned good. Note that Jay Hawk is forever a presence, his drawl and yelps about as thick as a great chicken fried chicken steak. But Mel & Dorian control the amp, control the sub, the aux and then some.

Four years ago, Mel & Dorian released Cognac / Four Corner Room. A full-fledged subwoofer destroyer that was a precursor for The Outfit, TX’s conscious follow-up, Down By The Trinity. And even though they’ve released scattered shot records with a clear aim towards highlighting the power and gleam of Dallas, Mel is still pushing his subwoofer towards a breaking point.

Personality wise, there’s Mel of The Outfit with gold teeth shining ecstatic about snow in Dallas on a random mid-winter day. There’s also him in a bathrobe with his feet in plain view in front of the famed Rudy’s Chicken in South Dallas. And there’s also him, pushing off thoughts that appear aloof yet sage at the same time. Dallas may appreciate the hell out of the 214 area code, because it’s a three figure number that means something. Mel’s line blows up the moment Freeband Hunter calls him up. “Phone Line” starts off with a distorted burp of a horn before cascading down into lurching drums and Mel’s voice about as Dallas as can be.

Big shit talking, carrying nothing about your lady even though she wants him and more. The very end of “Phone Line” is completely different than the last Dallas-related phone record from recent birthday girl Erykah Badu. Either Mel or Freeband Hunter are taking orders, and running up on them is definitely not one of them.