What’s a subliminal? Remy Ma pulls out a full dissertation on Nicki Minaj for “shETHER”.

On Saturday, after being baited following the release of “Swalla” and “Make Love” from Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma returned fire with a brand new, nearly 7-minute diss. That diss is titled “shETHER,” named after Nas’ “Ether” diss track in December 2001. There are layers to Remy Ma dissing Nicki Minaj on a Saturday afternoon. We’ll break it down in 500 words or less.

Remy Ma Rapped Over “Ether” To Attack The “Female Jay Z”

First and foremost, the choice of “Ether” for a beat is a shot in itself. Even though Nas’ “Stilmatic” freestyle opened up the door for his super return volley on “Ether”, “Ether” still holds up. It’s not the greatest of beats but if you’re planning to rap over it, you must do damage. Remy knew damage had to be done. Especially when you’re going up against competition that refers to itself on a consistent basis as “the female Jay Z”.

Meek Mill Plays A Role In This

Because of course Meek Mill plays a role in this. Remy used Meek as a prop during All-Star Weekend and proceeded to go under the legs, 360 dunk over Nicki with it. Meek couldn’t sleep with Nicki for three months over her implants? Cold game. Could she at least please him with her month, Remy pondered. Did she even dare offer a threesome since her rap name is literally a play on menage? Remy continued jotting information down as Meek continued to spill all of the information stored in his Avirex trenchcoat.

Ghostwriters? We Talking Ghostwriters?

Once upon a time, Nicki Minaj stated that she had no ghostwriters, even though ex-Safaree Samuels’ name is littered throughout many song credits on her albums. Since the split, Nicki’s bars haven’t exactly been … shall we say, memorable. Or anywhere near the “Monster” verse that sold plenty of people on her. At least we know Remy writes her bars. And we know for certain Remy will quickly rank your lines to your face.

Can You Claim Boss When Your Money Splits Five Ways

This is a beef punchline that has been used in different fashions, mostly notably by Jay Z (“Takeover”) and Pusha T (“Exodus 23:1”). Being signed to three labels divides plenty of money up. To the point where you more than likely don’t own your masters. And simple math dictates one should never work forever to obtain pieces. It’s been long known industry innuendo that any record deal has very little benefit for the artist. Remy’s known this for ages and the subtle jabs she sent through rap in 2016 was proof.

The Bars of Disrespect Are Too Thorough

With no animation in her voice, Remy went straight off the note pad to deliver cutthroat punchlines. Similar to your mom snatching you by your neck for embarrassing her. Mention Nicki’s support of her brother, an alleged pedophile facing trial? Done. Laugh at Nicki’s recent track record and contribution to the chalk and gym mat butt enhancement industry? Yep. Notice how Nicki comes for pop acts but no one who will actually out rap her? Check and check.

So far the response to “shETHER” has been memes and Beyonce anointing but that’s not going to work. Not when Remy has nothing to lose. And is capable of another wig snatching at any moment.