purple moonlight cover

OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick & Slim K get the blessing of ‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins for a special chop not slop mix.

Purple Moonlight is the perfect union of the sounds and aura of Moonlight and its drawn influence from Texas hip-hop. Director Barry Jenkins has long been a fan of chopped and screwed (or chopped not slopped) music and implemented it in his film in a way that was not only authentic but entirely Southern and honest. Candlestick, Slim K & company splice clips from the film into their 21-track mix. There’s mixtures of Juan, Black & more, speaking the life of the film right into the mix.

From Kendrick Lamar’s “Wesley Theory” to Yasiin Bey’s “Ms. Fat Booty” to two of the more transitive records from the film in Goodie Mob’s “Cell Therapy” to Jidenna’s “Classic Man”, Purple Moonlight places us right back in Black’s Donk chevy, rims gleaming, candy paint shining all while holding in his own personal chaos. Jidenna himself speaks about how he fell in love again with “Classic Man” again over its inclusion in the film.

“I need to hit up the producers because I don’t wanna … I wanna screw my voice live and perform it,” Jidenna says before OG Ron C warps back in championing the film himself. Listen to Purple Moonlight from The Chopstars and company now. Moonlight is nominated for a multitude of Academy Awards on Sunday including Best Supporting Actor & Actress and most importantly, Best Picture.