6LACK and Jhené Aiko drop off a steamy, slow burning new duet, “First F*ck.”

Mysterious Atlanta crooner 6LACK had quite the breakout year in 2016. His debut project, FREE 6LACKcame out of the blue and was extremely well-received. In 2017, 6LACK is showing no signs of letting up either. Earlier this month, he collaborated with Syd on ” off The Internet singer’s Fin LP. And on midnight Friday, 6LACK shared a new single, “First F*ck,” featuring none other than Jhené Aiko.

As its title implies, “First F*ck” is all about putting the listener in the mood to merge. Over a scaled-back, snare-driven instrumental, the two singers seem to bring out the best in each other: 6LACK minces no words about his intentions for his lady once they link up (“got me pulling on your hair”), and Aiko summons the seductive sound she last let simmer on her Twenty88 project with Big Sean. “I bet I love you better than your first love – I bet I love you so much, you forget that sh*t that had you, worked up,” the two croon together on the song’s hook.

Even 6LACK knows what the three-and-a-half minute track is capable of. Case in point? This tweet mere minutes after it dropped:

Stream 6LACK & Jhené Aiko’s “First F*ck” slow jam for yourself down below. If you like what you hear, you can cop “First F*ck” off iTunes now.