Houston emcee Reginald Gohnson provides the perfect roll-up and ride out soundtrack with his Bomb Raps and Throwbacks tape.

If you’re in Houston, you can rest assured that where there’s smoke and green present, there’s a Reginald Gohnson song playing in the background as well. The local spitter and Mile High Club general shared a brand-new tape, Bomb Raps and Throwbacks, on Wednesday night.

The follow-up to last year’s Don’t Smoke With Reggie, Bomb Raps and Throwbacks is in Gohnson’s own words, a “music motion picture” that listeners can “jam, groove, jig, exhale, and have fun with.” Production on Bomb Raps comes from the likes of Soweezie of Pots and Pans Productions, Mike Red, George Young (who also provides a solid assist alongside Johnson on the ’70s-sounding “Gucci Shoes”), and Tony Dark. On the features front, Kab The Don, C.I.T.Y., and the aforementioned Red and Young all join Reggie for the ride. Even “Northern Lights,” Gohnson’s collab with Tony Del Freshco from last year, appears at Bomb Raps’ mid-point.

Though features appear on five of Bomb Raps‘ seven songs, it doesn’t feel crowded at all; rather, every guest is complementary, while showing that Gohnson can cater his flow to any given instrumental. Reggie comes out the gate swinging on the intro with the smooth and hazy “El Camino Dreamin'”; and puts his own twist on Kanye West’s “Devil in A New Dress” to close the tape out. He and Mike Red craft a sing-songy radio single in the making with the catchy, wrestling reference-padded “Ridin and Smokin.” And it’s not all just “weed raps” on Bomb Raps, either: he and C.I.T.Y. raise their fists and craft a conscious banger on the standout cut “Revolution.”

Reginald Gohnson insists that Bomb Raps and Throwbacks is merely the start of what’s to come from him in 2017. For now, stream the tape in full down below.