Burning Sands, coming to Netflix in March, is a film inspired by Black fraternity pledging processes.

There’s a swath of Black audience-targeted programming headed to Netflix in 2017. Both The Get Down and Luke Cage >will be back for their respective second seasons – well, for the latter, the second part of the first season – and new series based on the films She’s Gotta Have It and Dear White People will premiere on the streaming service. Oh, and some guy by the name of Dave Chappelle apparently is providing Netflix with new original content. But series and comedy fare won’t be the only Black offering on Netflix: indeed, there’ll be exclusive movie content as well.

One of those Netflix exclusive flicks? Burning Sands, a Sundance Festival-selected movie that follows one young man’s mission to join a Black Greek letter organization and the sacrifices and risks that come with that. The official trailer was premiered via The Grio earlier today; The Grio itself summed the movie up simply as “a complex and raw look at the pledging process through the eyes of one young man.”

Burning Sands is the directorial debut of by Gerard McMurray – who served as a producer on Ryan Coogler’s 2013 Oscar Grant biopic Fruitvale Station – and if its trailer is any indication, it might get a little deeper and a lot more serious about the process than similar films like, say, Drumline and Stomp The Yard. 

“It dawned on me that the life of a young man is fraught with all types of peril,” McMurray told The Grio, describing the inspiration behind the flick. “Even those who are in a supposedly ideal situation, like college, often go through violent dramatic experiences as a rite of passage.”

Singer-actor Trevor Jackson (American Crime S2) will play the lead protagonist, with Black Mariah Alfre Woodard, Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Steve Harris (Diary of A Mad Black Woman), and Serayah of Empire among the cast, as well.

You can watch the trailer for Burning Sands for yourself up top. The drama will unfold and the road to brotherhood will begin exclusively on Netflix, when the movie premieres on March 10th.