migos deadz video

Migos bring a mini-orchestra, dead presidents & more for their “Deadz” clip.

Despite their stumbles in regards to PR, Migos’ still have something that will win plenty of people over: a well-received album. Culture has no less than three arena splitting records from “Bad & Boujee” to “Call Casting” and “T-Shirt”. The group’s latest video for “Deadz” adds on to the motif established by “T-Shirt”. If Migos & Daps are going to give you a video, it’s going to tweak common rap idioms to an opulent degree.

Remember, “T-Shirt” from Migos gave us a Revenant inspired clip with Takeoff, Offset & Quavo rocking furs in the snow all in the name of surviving. “Deadz” features 2 Chainz in his spiffy best but leads off with a flamboyant and demonstrative orchestra conductor leading an all-black 14 player ensemble. Meanwhile on a bridge above, all three Migos parade with stacks of money.

The other scenes displayed in “Deadz” feature effigies of the United States Founding Fathers. There’s Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and more. Powdered wigs with large stacks of cash nearby. It appears to be the most opulent, yet appropriate video you could make for “Deadz”. We’ve long joked that American currency looks like the baseball cards of slave owners (c. Chappelle). Leave it to Migos to create a cold, animated funeral home for them to don all-black and parade around with the green.

Migos are indulgent in themselves, let’s never forget. Watch the “Deadz” video with 2 Chainz below.