With his debut album coming Friday, Steve Lacy of The Internet shares a smooth new single, “Dark Red.”

It seems R&B outfit The Internet was quite serious about letting all of its members drop a solo project in 2017. Matt Martians kicked the year off, and frontwoman Syd followed shortly thereafter. This Friday, The Internet’s guitar man, Steve Lacy, will join Matt and Syd with his own debut, entitled Steve Lacy’s Demo. Following the release of lead single “Some” to close out 2016, Lacy has now set free “Dark Red,” track three from the upcoming album.

Though it clocks in at just under three minutes in length, “Dark Red” makes the most of its time to summon a nostalgic feeling. Lacy’s bluesy guitar strums and soulful voice sound like they come from a time and era before this one. It’s old school and groovy, and if the rest of Steve Lacy’s Demo sounds like “Dark Red,” then Lacy’s first long-player might be too smooth to deny.

Take a listen Steve Lacy’s “Dark Red” single for yourself down below. The guitarist’s Steve Lacy’s Demo LP releases on February 25th.