curtis mayz get the dough

Curtis Mayz’ TripleDiziac has a familiar sound to it off the top.

Curtis Mayz, the Dallas rapper with a drawl as thick as molasses has made himself a rather formidable talent in the Triple Digital. Following last year’s Real.Life.Raps, Mayz returns with a block beating moment of clarity. “Get The Dough”, produced by A.D. Creation riffs on Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” track from 2012 and takes singular aim around the bear necessities of Dallas. Are you going to need a pistol on you? Probably. Are you going to need a singular focus in order to succeed? Definitely. Is Curtis Mayz driving around with all of these things on his mind? Of course. Stream “Get The Dough” from Mayz’ TripleDiziac below. The proejct arrives next month.