OhLordRoe shares “Creep (Love You Long Time),” the first single from her upcoming #Liberation project.

It was by way of OnMute that OhLordRoe was brought to my attention. Back when Day & A Dream and the R&B-focused site collaborated on our “Most Slept-On R&B Artists” in the city to close out 2016, OnMute founder DJ Walton insisted that Roe was up next. Her self-titled debut album, released last year, offered a preview of what the lovely Houston singer-songwriter was capable of – using slow-burning instrumentals to both seduce and set a mood.

Later this year, OhLordRoe will release her sophomore project, entitled #Liberation. The singer invited both select Houston tastemakers and friends to a private listening on Sunday night where she formally premiered the project to mostly virgin ears. One of the clear audience favorites from that listening session? “Creep (Love You Long Time),” an infectious slow jam that literally creeps along before engulfing the listener in its warmth.

It’s fitting then, that OhLordRoe would make “Creep” #Liberation’s lead single. “I was tired of people telling me how to act, and how to be, in both my professional and personal life,” Roe said at Sunday’s private listening. “So #Liberation is about me taking back my voice, with no filter.”

There’s certainly no filter on “Creep,” which uses its four-minute runtime to display Roe in an extremely vulnerable place. Over thudding keys and steady tapping snares, her voice is hypnotic. She puts a sensual flip on the concept of “me love you long time,” offering pleasure and sunlight-to-sundown satisfaction to the one in her sights. And what person in their right mind would dare turn down Roe’s offer – her plea, even – to “be your freak, every day of the week?” Not a one. Not a single one.

Stream OhLordRoe’s “Creep (Love You Long Time)” single for yourself down below. The Houston songbird’s Liberation EP, on which “Creep” is slated to appear, is due out later this year.

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