rob viktim shoot the messenger

The title track to Rob Viktum’s upcoming tape is a hit-a-lick highlight film.

Rob Viktum has a penchant for making theme music for the most dire of moments. Whereas one would create superhero music solely to bring uplight, Viktum creates these baroque, almost blaxploitation set pieces for other rappers to joyride with. See “Shoot The Messenger” for example. The title track from the Dallas producer’s upcoming project features three men who know their way around a grimy situation. Brownsville’s Lil’ Fame, Jersey’s Skrewtape & Detroit’s own Guilty Simpson rap about robberies and atrocities the way you’d see in Heat or any other violent Michael Mann film. “Came a long way from bumping those tapes in the Nova,” Skrewtape raps.

Ripe with the right amount of menace, horns, drums and guitars, “Shoot The Messenger” is a perfect play. Fizzy Womack may have fathered all of this like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie but he’s still capable of putting in work when need be. The highlight of course is the video, a viral oasis of stick ups and awkward store robberies across the globe. In real-time however, four friends plan their own caper until they all turn on one another. Slaughter Rico, Boogieman Dela, Cameo Carter, & Kenzo Luciano all don ski masks and guns, pulling the trigger until there’s only one left.

See, Rob Viktum knows how to dress up an occasion with the right type of score. Watch “Shoot The Messenger” below. Viktum’s project of the same name is on the way with features from Conway, Ras Kass, Awar, Skrewtape, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Joell Ortiz, El Gant, Copywrite, Krum, and many others.