hogg booma turn up 4 a bag

Hogg Booma’s latest tape is a victory for all who fight to hustle by any means.

There’s far more affection in singing about the hustle rather than purely rapping about it. It’s not entirely possible that Hogg Booma woke up one morning twirling melodies in his head. It’s not entirely possible that he didn’t. However, the world has bent on numerous occasions for those who sing about the struggle and find a light through all of it. That’s why Hogg Booma’s managed to catch on rather quickly with people.

Turn Up 4 A Bag, his long-awaited tape engineered by Northside Stevo and packing production from June James & XO runs in one lane and stays there. There’s one singular cause and focus throughout the 16-track project and that’s money. To him, it’s a key to freedom, something that allows him to rap with a bit of joy. There are moments of remorse though. “Out The Ghetto” pleads for a way to deal with life without having to hustle. “I’m really tired of them bags & them scales / I got a son and I don’t want to go to jail,” he sings while parking every sin against one pipe dream. Yung Bleu is the only guest to appear on Turn Up 4 A Bag, a resonating piece of country rap tunes with the grind as the primary option.

Listen below via Apple Music or MyMixtapez. Purchase Turn Up 4 A Bag on iTunes.