DOABetween stumbling towards greatness, second guessing fate and remaining true to oneself, the ascension of an upcoming artist can teeter the line between a nightmare and a dream. Midwest lyricist Tank The Machine reveals that innate truth and uncovers the purpose behind his passion in episode 3 of DOA: Prime & Passion.

Heartfelt and transparent, episode 3 takes viewers behind the scenes of an intimate meeting between Tank The Machine, his family and fellow DOA emcee Ron G. Playful freestyle banters, laughter and cheer ensue as Tank’s younger brother, Royce The Pianist, plays the keys and the emcee reminisces on his steady progression and the beauty in remaining humble.

Another moving visual from ImagineYouMedia, Tank’s story in DOA: Prime & Passion Ep. 3 is a microcosm of the indie music scene; an ever-changing plain fueled by one’s thirst for success and the fear of losing it all.




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