Sevyn Streeter and Luke James put a contemporary spin on a neo-soul classic on “Nothing Even Matters.”

If you were to cite the definitive neo-soul era duets, D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill’s “Nothing Even Matters” is a must-include. There’s just something so lush and warm about the track, about two lovers who cast every other worldly worry aside just to be in the moment with each other.

Sevyn Streeter and Luke James, as R&B artists themselves, know a few things about love. Which is why it’s not a total surprise that the two came together to drop a duet cover of the neo-soul classic on Valentine’s Day.

It would be unfair to compare the versions, if only because Sevyn’s vocals are so vastly different from Lauryn Hill’s. Rather, treat this new age “Nothing Even Matters” as the reintroduction of this song in a new decade to a new generation. Luke croons his heart out and Sevyn’s voice and runs float over the smooth, finger-snapping instrumental for a sensual, six-minute selection. It’s certainly one way to warm up in the winter, especially if you’re warming up with someone you care for.

Hear Sevyn Streeter and Luke James’ “Nothing Even Matters” remake for yourself down below.