When you think of good music a list of artist to considered varies. Dan Miz on the other hand seems to be determined to be considered in that category. His new new single “Let It Go” is a exceptional new track that Miz plans to release this week. It is a breath of fresh air to hear in todays music of raindrops, droptops, and smoking in the hotbox. “Let It Go” has to potentially to be the next song to put on your playlist whether it’s for a road trip, morning inspiration, or even workflow kind of day. What impresses me most about this single and the artist Dan Miz, is the visuals that uses for his work, which you can check in the video below.

“Exceptionally soulful” and “seductive” are just a few of the phrases used to describe Dan Miz, the NYC based singer, songwriter, and producer. From early on, Dan was a self-taught drummer, using his musical inclinations as a springboard for mastering the piano, guitar, and the ukulele; by age 11, he already had “producer” on his resume. Being a NYC native afforded him exposure to some of the greatest musicians of all time, inspiring him to spend hours inside his home studio developing his own unique sound. The result was a sophisticated spin on pop music with endorphin-inducing tracks that reached 63k+ plays on SoundCloud and over 200,000 hits on You Tube.

In 2013, Dan released his first single, “Kiss You”, and amidst worldwide tweets, he began performing at various NYC venues. Dan has also played multiple outdoor events along the Jersey Shore captivating over 1,000 young adult fans with his magnetic vibe. Now at age 21, he has just completed his much anticipated first album.

With his unwavering vision, Dan uses music to share his life stories and express a deep understanding of human emotion. He is an artist who breaks boundaries by delivering his message through unconventional sounds. It is his uninhibited, natural abilities and his “feel-good” music that leave fans smiling long after Dan has exited the stage.

His next release is a song titled “Let It Go”. It will be coming out Feb 17, 2017.
Attached you will find a digital download of the song along with the cover photo.