good culture podcast chan-lo

The CNK boss sits with the Good Culture Podcast to discuss #Chickspiration & more.

Chan-Lo knows her shit. We’ve known this as we’ve been partners with her various brands over the past five years. When she broke away from explicitly covering music and pop culture, it was a freeing experience. As she told us before, if she wasn’t in love with it, if the work didn’t match her spirit then she wasn’t going to do it.

The Good Culture Podcast chose episode 31 to sit with the Minnesota to Dallas maven of all things femininity and sneaker culture. From the onset, she breaks down why she started CNKDaily, her #Chickspiration series, favorite sneakers and more.

“Are you the type of chick that takes her heels off in the club?” Kenny asks. “No, mama said I’d get ringworms like that,” Chan responds.

The hour-long episode breaks into plenty of different segments, one where Chan-Lo is more than well versed to handle the antics of Kenny & company. It’s not a Say Less episode but it’s still a pretty great Say Less episode. Watch it below. Subscribe to Good Culture on YouTube and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.