izzar thomas hmoml

Izzar Thomas & Tim Woods spill a little from ‘Something New’.

The more hip-hop begins to embrace melody, the more Izzar Thomas will tap into his creativity. The Southwest Houston artist has mostly worked in the same realm of rapping for fun. Of being honest and ambitious but not necessarily unmistakable. “HMOML (Hit Me On My Line)” is a summer record that exists in the middle of a Texas winter. Of course, a Texas winter means absolutely jack shit for the part of the state past North Dallas. It’s summer forever in some spaces and Izzar Thomas is cognizant of that.

Singing along a light, breezy melody and armed with a guest appearance from Tim Woods, “HMOML” lets Izzar put his charisma hat on. “I know you been looking for somewhere to go, should have hit me up instead of wasting time,” he sings on the track. Thomas’ style works in an ego driven consciousness, where confidence is at a premium and nobody can tell you anything. Tim Woods, whose Pushing Daises project ran in a similar vein to “HMOML” is far more sexual and direct with his come ons here. “I done put it in her spine, to the point its realigned. She’ll know better next time,” he boasts while in a weed driven haze.

Hear “HMOML” from Izzar Thomas & Tim Woods below. Something New, Thomas’ new project is coming down the line.