Local spinmaster DJ AudiTory turns the Migos’ C U L T U R E album purple for his “Chop Theory” series.

“The culture of Houston blends with Atlanta trap culture to make one dope ass sound to enjoy.”

That’s how DJ AudiTory describes the latest entry into his “Chop Theory” series, his Chopped & Screwed take on the Migos’ recent LP, C U L T U R E .

Once again, the Houston-hailing DJ uses his chops to add layers to and redefine the songs on the album. If one of the minor missteps of C U L T U R E was having each of its singles begin the album, then one of the major successes of Tory’s take on C U L T U R E is making each sound distinctive. “Bad & Boujee” is extended into a seven-minute (yes, that’s right, seven minutes) slowed down symphony, for example; and AudiTory’s version of “T-Shirt” is proof positive of the Houston-to-Atlanta culture bridge the DJ aimed to achieve from the jump.

But the reinvention of the singles aren’t the only reason to give DJ AudiTory’s purple’d up version of C U L T U R E a spin or three. AudiTory slows down “Deadz” so that the song’s pre-hook chant of “You n*ggas in trouble” is more sinister and menacing and 2Chainz’s star-turn verse emphasizes his Southern drawl. “All Ass” was already a strip club anthem in the making, but the Chopped & Screwed version calls to mind an all-purple shake joint with purple poles and dancers toting Styrofoam cups alongside their money bags. And as for fan favorite “Get Right Witcha?” That, too, is somehow made better than it already was in AudiTory’s capable hands.

Stream and download DJ AudiTory x Migos’ C U L T U R E: Chopped & Screwed mixtape via the DJ’s website here.