onehunnidt bigg fatts free game

Life lessons & easy advice from Smokey N Craig, aka OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts.

For those who’ve managed to impart wisdom with their homeboys over a long conversation, OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts’ “Free Game” is for you. Between the opening sentence and OneHunnidt giving he and Fatts’ next meeting point, “Free Game” plays out with lurching drums and a sweet piano melody behind it.

Fatts’ slick sense of humor plays well as he leads the conversation. “Hunnidt, I got caught up in some shit today / I told ’em talk to my lawyer, I ain’t got shit to say / Just hit my old head phone / We call him Mr. Dre / I catch a case, he gon’ beat the bitch like Michel’le.” The laughs and jokes continue on as he even gives up a Half Baked metaphor about the crew’s favorite dog. No matter how much wisdom Fatts’ imparts from a street perspective, people are lead astray. Rhymes about cleaning fish could operate the same way as serving the right amount of clientele. What anger he would possess lessens as “Free Game” persists. He’s been here before and there’s no point in attempting to fight a war when people don’t want to pick up weapons.

OneHunnidt on the other hand is looking from a wide perspective, mostly in regards to show promoters, well-wishers who don’t mean a damn thing and more. The chemistry from Hunnidt & Fatts is similar to their personas, mixing power and brashness with wit and being provocative. The poet and the rapper are what we could easily label Bigg Fatts & OneHunnidt. By the time both men hang up, they have a mission statement to roll up and try to change shit. One rap, one show or one great project at a time.