jack freeman spotless mind side b cover

Three years after Side A, Jack Freeman slides in Side B of his ‘Spotless Mind’.

The original concept for Jack Freeman’s Spotless Mind was fairly simple. Freeman would chop up a group a songs, what would easily amount to a debut album and space them out. Then, each of those songs would be different than the next. That was the plan. Here’s the problem with that – Spotless Mind: Side A arrived three whole years ago. Since then, Freeman’s kept occupied by performing, crushing guest appearances and more. We got an EP in Munchies on Christmas Eve 2015. Jack even performed music of the time with his “What Do You See?” series.

Point is, none of it was Spotless Mind. Until last week. Freeman gave hints that Side B of Spotless Mind was coming and tonight, it arrives. At 7 tracks, Side B gives up a couple of classic Lynnie Free cuts with “Nobody”, “Carousel” & “Afterparty”. So you’re left with four other moments of Jack Freeman: blues conjurer and electric boogeyman. Chris Rockaway owns sole credit on the boards for all the tracks of Side B and you can stream it below via Apple Music. Purchase the EP on iTunes.