khalid shot down video

Khalid’s latest video finds joy in the doldrums of El Paso, Texas.

Khalid’s youthfulness yields to a genuine optimism in his music. The 18-year-old is still wrapping his mind around the idea of touring off of “Location” and more. He’s moved into appreciative territory for some crowds and let us into his world through a documentary. Now Khalid’s journey continues with a video for “Shot Down”.

“Shot Down is a very personal record for me and I really feel as if moments like this video are only the beginning of what’s yet to come,” he told The FADER, who premiered the video for “Shot Down”. With his heart and poignancy on his sleeve, the “Location” crooner does it for the dreamers.

The video features Khalid seated inside of an empty bus as kids not only skate but seek love in a lonely place. Play fighting, sharing memes, etc. The El Paso native shines a light on a part of the state that is considered oft-forgotten by everyone else. That probably adds to the sincerity of what “Shot Down” alludes to. Watch the video below.