Based on the 2014 film, Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ original series gets a trailer.

Two October’s ago, Dear White People hit theaters. Justin Simien’s film that attacked stereotypes and more from the perspective of black students at an elite PWI found both critics and admirers. Now Simien’s work has been converted into a Netflix original series. You can view the Dear White People trailer below.

Much like the film, topics surrounding race relations, blackness and more should be predominantly featured. If you’ve seen the original film then the Netflix trailer should look nearly identical. Our radio host asks for one simple request, that “she” not be reduced to a Halloween costume. No Bob Marley wigs, no frats that host rap themed parties with “18 inches of underwear” showing and so on and so forth. Although that film’s star Tessa Thompson doesn’t reprise her role in the Netflix series, Brandon P. Bell’s Troy Fairbanks does show up. Logan Browning (Brotherly Love) and Antoinette Robertson (Hart of Dixie), do make their debut within the series, which premieres on April 28th.

What should pique the interest of those to the Netflix series is who is all involved. Moonlight director Barry Jenkins will have a hand in an episode and given the current political climate? Dear White People may be a necessary watch for those needing a bit of an escape. By the way, expect plenty of people to attempt to boycott Netflix merely off the title of the series.

Again, watch the series trailer below and guard every bit of blackness that you have.